You can start by adding IT capabilities to your operation by starting with a practical solution aimed to simplify.

Federal Contracting 

Experience managing your federal programs and winning that next opportunity 

Collaborative Logistics

Collaborate with your shipping partners in real time

 Eliminate the emails, provide just-in-time information and get it on your mobile device 

Running a small business

Manage your books & pay your employees.  Automate your approvals. Manage your inventory.

Deal Maker

Make deals.  Collaborate with your partners and customers on agreements and contracts.


Ultra-Practical Solutions is a unique service company providing you the means to organize and manage your company's operations better, simpler, and more efficiently than many of your larger competitors.  Our offerings will also enhance your collaboration with your customers as well as make you better able to compete for more business. 

Payroll, Timesheets  & Accounting

Fast, inexpensive, and accurate online accounting and payroll software for small businesses


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Partner Solutions (Priced Separately)

Practical Solutions

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