Who is a Good Candidate for this Solution?

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What Features Distinguish this solution?

Small to medium size logistical firms whose primary operation is the on-going coordination of land, sea or air freight across many accounts over many shipments on a daily basis.  Coordination of these shipments typically complicated by equipment failures, weather, shipment priorities and traffic volume requiring constant communication, typically via email messages and phone calls with all shippers including freight yards, ports, trucking concerns and warehousing facilities.   

  • A central and secured location of all shipment information accessible by all shippers organized by account eliminating the need for most emails and phone calls.
  • All information is available to all concerned on a concurrent  or simultaneous basis eliminating the sequential basis related to phone conversations allowing all who are involved to suggest or weigh into a solution without being asked.
  • All shippers may upload or download information on a 24/7/365 basis.
  • The site and its contents are available on all mobile devices

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