Practical Pricing 


Small  commercial firms  who are struggling to manage their growing business with an older version of Microsoft Office and are utilizing the expensive services of accounting firms and other service organizations.   Business People who occasionally hire part-time or independent consultants and need a way of managing the payroll without the payroll requirements managing them. Firms having a need to share confidential information such as contracts or agreements with specific customers, may be jointly editing or reviewing documents or seeking approval of documents.

Who is a Good Candidate for this Solution?

  • Low cost fully automated payroll system not requiring the services of an accountant that allows for online time sheet collection, direct deposit to multiple accounts, automatic payment of taxes to federal, state and local governments, and the generation of tax statements for download by your employees at year end.
  • The latest version of Microsoft Office tools
  • A secured repository of documents accessible on demand by your business partners, employees and vendors through a secured process requiring userid and password authentication.

What Features Distinguish this solution?

Commercial Business

Practical Solution

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