Independent self-employed business people on the move making deals, reviewing documents with specific customers or business partners.  Independent business people who could benefit from all of the meeting scheduling and communication capabilities of an enterprise email system.   Independent business people who could greatly benefit from a workflow management system that would automatically seek and track digital signatures from their business associates or customers.  Independents that can track their business from any device. 

What Features Distinguish this solution?

Who is a Good Candidate for this Solution?

  • A central, encrypted and secured location of all confidential information accessible to only select people requiring a user-id and password authentication eliminating the need to attach documents to emails.
  • All information is available to all concerned on a concurrent  or simultaneous basis eliminating the sequential basis related to phone conversations allowing all who are involved to participate.
  • Documents may be upload or downloaded on a 24/7/365 basis.
  • The site and its contents are available on all mobile devices by all authentication users.
  • Provides the ability to setup an authoring, review and approval workflow that provides details of the status of each document

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