• Share a company calendar, exchange text messages on the desktop
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Hold a video conference
  • Provide controlled access to your documents to your customers, sub-contractors, vendors etc.
  • Stop circulating email attachments wondering if you have the latest copy
  • Access your documents from any device and know that it is the latest version
  • Move from paper to digital forms
  • Automate the approval workflow of any process including purchase request, travel & expense reimbursement

Plus, utilize the capabilities of our best in the industry Partners 

Connect with your employees, customers, vendors & sub-contractors

Time to get rid of the old and show your bigger competitors what you can really do

Be ready to go big while you are still small with an even smaller investment

  • ​​​​​​​​Ultra-Practical Solutions through its unique business arrangements with a hand-picked set of business software providers offers a full set of capabilities.
  • All capabilities are cloud based and are subscribed to on a monthly basis. 
  • Our technology platform provides the following features:
    • HIPAA/SOX/PCI compliance ready
    • Customizable without requiring a programmer
    • Mobile enabled
    • Userid/Password secured
    • Optionally accessible by your customers or sub-contractors 
    • Document Management

The cloud can put you on top of your game

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One-stop shop for all of your technology needs

  • Being in business should not require a technology degree. Stay focused on your business and we will provide just what you need to be a success.
  • Bid on those larger contracts and we will provide the technology you need to prove that you can manage the contracts as well as any larger company.
  • Don't buy big hoping to use your technology investment. Buy what you need now and have your technology investment grow in proportion to your business growth.