Each Practical Solution has been crafted to provide the small business owner with a place to access, manage, account for, and store all the information needed to run any small business and to do that from any location or using any device, securely and with backup.

Pick and choose from a set of Ultra-practical vetted and researched Partner offered optional business applications that were selected by us based upon their broad satisfaction of their existing customer base.

Practical Solutions are the logical next steps for companies that have been struggling to manage their businesses with just Microsoft Office and are finding it hard to keep up with the paperwork required to run a small business.

The world has changed with the introduction of new technologies but sometimes change can be overwhelming and confusing.  

Practical Solutions have been designed to provide you the best these new technologies can offer, pre-packaged, yet configurable to your individual needs.

Practical Solutions provide a set of features that just a short time ago were not available to small business owners. These features can differentiate you on your proposals just as they have done for larger companies who chose to use them wisely.   

Practical Solutions gives you the capability to have a secured web-based document collection, accessible by you and your customers, vendors, employees, sub-contractors etc. 

Your Practical Solution can be customized without a programmer.

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Receive everything you need to run your business fora few dollars a day  cancel, change, or upgrade everything any time you want.  There are no commitments.

Be the first within your business community to say the cloud is working for me in ways that I would have never dreamed.

Provides one-stop shopping for all of your IT needs.

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Allow us to be your technology guide and your support organization.

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A Practical Solution is your answer to buying that first server and hiring all those expensive IT folks.

This is about using the newest technologies called the Cloud to put your business on the map and make it more profitable and competitive, or just it may just help to reduce your costs and making everything easier to manager and administer.  

Take advantage of a host of services and support which will help migrate your data and acclimate your personnel.

Be up and running in as little as a day or two.

Advantages of a Practical Solution