We offer "Just Enough" training in the form of private classes & coaching to everyone in your organization.

We recognize that small businesses do not have the budget or sometimes the flexibility to pursue formal training but can greatly benefit from the type of training that is "Just Enough" to get your people productive.  Sometimes what is needed is just some basic internet or email training or some more advanced training to administer some of your new technology which you have just purchased.

Whatever your training requirements are our trainers will work with you to provide " Just Enough" training.

Get your whole team up to speed—Now.

How does this work?

  • Schedule a class at a time convenient to you.  
  • Decide the class agenda yourself or select from a set of topics or both.
  • Pay just $100/hour and invite as many participants within your organization as you like. 
  • All classes are instructor-led and available online through your practical solution.  Everyone sees each other as well as the instructor.  The training is available on any device including PCs, Laptops, iPads, Macs etc.  
  • Training Materials are downloaded.
  • The class could be run classroom style or preferably with each person in front of their own device as long as a camera and microphone are available.
  • Our Partners also offer training and other resources such as white papers.  You should take advantage of these resources available on their web sites.

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